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3 Paros local products - Discover the products of our island and what you can take back home.
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paros local products
Paros Greece is an island with many products growing from its land. The weather conditions here are unique and vary quite a lot. The summer is dry and hot, the winters are cold and windy. This kind of conditions creates diversity of products that might belong to the same family as others in Greece, but taste and look a little bit different. Vineyards, aubergines, beans, pumpkins, calf and capers, are the best examples. Those are the ingredients used to create local dishes by the residents of Paros and of course, by our restaurants and taverns.
One of Paros local products that you have to try is honey. Almost every island in Greece has its own production, but every land gets birth to a different taste and texture. The good thing about Paros honey is that you can take some of it with you back home. There are many uses for it here in Paros. It accompanies your breakfast, it’s used as desert, mixed with Greek yogurt and fruits. Of course, it is also used as an ingredient for the main dishes. You can buy it everywhere in Paros, in tourist shops local mini markets and delicatessen.
Paros might not be that much known about it as other islands, but we also have our local spirit production. Paros branded wine is produced by Moraitis winery. It’s located near Agioi Anargyroi beach. Just ask for the directions in the reception in one of our hotels if you like to visit it. The history of this winery starts in 1910, when Manolis Moraitis was gathering grapes from all over Paros, making the wine and then he would sell it in different location in Greece. It wasn’t bottled yet. He would transfer it in wooden barrels, using his traditional fishing boat. Today, the famous varieties of Paros wines are Mantilaria and Monemvasia. Mantilaria has obtained the title of the designation of superior quality "PAROS", since 1981. Not branded but domestically made is out beverage called Souma. This could be in the same category with Raki or Tsipouro.
Quite famous Paros local products are the many varieties of cheese. When you visit Paros, you will notice that on the menus in traditional taverns and restaurants, there are many different types of it. Myzithra, Xinomyzithra, touloumisio, brine cheese and ladotiri are served as starters or “meze”. Don’t hesitate to try them, because you might be impressed by one and buy some, to take back home. Those varieties of Paros cheese are used in baked goods and sweets. Try myzithra pies, petimezinia, rafiolia, lazarakia, skaltsounia and lambrokoulouro. It looks like a lot of things but you will have few days in Paros to taste all of them!
There is one local dish, which we are not placing in the category of Paros local products, but it’s made only in our island. It’s called guna and you probably will see it in the making, if you will find yourself in Naoussa port during a sunny day. This is a fresh fish, cooked in the heat of the sun.
One of many reasons that people go to a destination should be its cuisine and products. Paros local products and our cuisine will meet the expectations of every visitor.  

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