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Paros Greece, is located in central Aegean. It is the third largest island of Cycladic complex and the coastline length of Paros is 118,5 km. This is one of the most famous Greek island due to its beauty, its architecture and large number of stunning beaches. You can get to Paros island by ferry (about 4.5 hours from Piraeus port) or by plane (about 30minutes from Athens airport). The most unforgettable aspect of Paros, are the islands hospitable residents!
This website is a dedication of some hotel owners in Paros, to our islands visitors. The information about Paros Greece that you see is provided by them and reflects their passion and commitment, regarding the hospitality of the island. "The most important thing is to share the beauty and the legacy that we inherited", that is our motto here!

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 Explore Paros Sights

On Paros island, you will find some interesting and picturesque sights.

There are not just a few spots, considered as sights, but also entire villages like Lefkes or Naoussa, caves and ancient monuments. 




 Taste Local Products

As a traditional cycladic island, Paros Greece has its own signature products.

Explore them and choose what to take back home with you.


4 seasons in Paros

What few people know, is that Paros Greece is a 4 seasons destination.

Paros Easter traditions, the colors of nature in the spring, are just a glimpse.



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