3 Days On Paros Island

3 Days on Paros Island - Have a quick few ideas how to manage your time on Paros island during your stay.
By Villa Isabella

Day 1
You have arrived on Paros island. The first thing you do is to check in and get to know some of the staff while you do so. You make yourself comfortable in your room, fresh up a little bit and then you are ready to explore Paros!
If you have few hours left until the sunset, the first thing you should do, is to visit the nearest beach. As there are so many of them in Paros, there is probably one near your hotel. So, grab your towel and don’t hesitate! This will mean that you have already done your first swim, on your first day. The sea in Paros is amazing during the sunset, so you should stay longer and make a dive before dark.
It’s time to return to your hotel and get ready for dinner with your company in one of Paros taverns or restaurants. It depends where your hotel is located but surely you will find many choices close by. It is time to decide if you will enjoy seafood and fish or try some recipes including meat. If you are staying in Naoussa or Parikia, you will have an amazing variety of choices in dishes and location.
After your diner, it is time to explore the village you are at. The picturequare alleys will only revile their charm if you walk among them! You will have the opportunity to admire houses, built according to Cycladic architecture, boutique shops, small cocktail bars pastry gelato shops. Naoussa and the alleys of old town in Parikia, the capital of Paros, are the best places to have this romantic walk with your significant other or your family. Don’t hesitate to make a short break to enjoy a refreshing cocktail, accompanied by relaxing music.
You have done enough for the first day in Paros. A good night sleep is important, as our island has many things for you to see on the next day.        
Day 2
Start your day with health breakfast and enjoy the summer breeze. One of more than 30 beaches of Paros is waiting for you! On your second day, it is probably good idea to visit one of our famous beaches. We propose that you go to Kolymbithres beach. This is a work of art and the artist is nature. Rocks scalped by the wind and sea, make this place a “must see” in Paros. There are two ways to get there. One way is by using the road. But we suggest you use the second one, by traditional fishing boat called caique. Specially modified to transfer tourist, this is a fantastic experience. The starting point is the small port of Naoussa. As the schedules are quite often, you can also take caique from Kolymbithres to Monastiri beach. This is another amazing place in Naoussa Bay. Your return should be also by caique.
After few hours by the beach it is time to grab a bite. If it is still early, we suggest some Greek salad with meze, some seafood or the world wiled known souvlaki. After this you should probably take a nap.
During the evening and of course after your walk among the alleys, but maybe of a different village, you should have a relaxing dinner. Afterwards, if you have a sweet tooth, visit a local pastry shop for some galactopoureco, cantaifi or other greek specialty.
A relaxing drink beside the sea is almost required. So chose a cocktail bar for the rest of your evening.
Day 3
The things that you can do on your last day in Paros, depend on the time of your departure and if you are traveling by ferry or airplane.
The stand fact is that you have to check out till 12:00 o’clock. Maybe a last walk in the village you are staying at or a last bite of local cuisine. A quick shopping to bring back a souvenir from Paros is also a good idea.
The most important thing is to have with you all the memories of your visit on our island. Perhaps you will return one day to enjoy once again our hospitality.  

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