Paros Beaches

Paros beaches are one of the main reasons that visitors from around the world are traveling to our island. Every one of Paros beaches has something unique to offer and therefore, you will never find yourself without choices.
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Kolymbithres Paros


Definitely one of the most famous Paros beaches, Kolymbithres in an amazing place and its uniqueness extends beyond Paros island. You will not find similar beach anywhere in Greece, and probably the world. It is located inside Naoussa Bay 5km from the coastal village and 11km from Parikia, the capital of Paros. This unique geological piece of art, is not like other Paros beaches. The rock formations on this beach, make the scenery look like a place from other planet. The shapes that you will see here, are the outcome of millions of years of erosion by the wind and the sea. Between the impressive rocks, few small beaches were formed, most of them are sandy. Two of those beaches are bigger and organized with umbrellas. The water in here is like in most of Paros beaches, crystal clear. It is also getting deep gradually so it can be considered as safe for children, but you always have to be alert. As the beach is located inside a bay, the sea here is usually calm, without waves and strong winds. Right above the beach, on the main road there are taverns and restaurants where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner. The leader of our list with Paros best beaches, is so beautiful that you just might decide to spend all day there. Near the beach there is an Aqua park with waterslides and etc. Few kilometers to the north, there is Paros Park and Monastiri beach.
There are two ways to get to this amazing place. You can use the road leading to Monastiri beach and turn right when you see the sign. The second way is the exciting one. You can get to the beach by the traditional fishing boat called caique, specially transformed for ferry. The starting point of the ferry is the port of Naoussa. (find on map)

Santa Maria


Santa Maria, also one of the most well-known Paros beaches, is considered by many visitors of our island, as one of the most beautiful among our beaches. We also believe that Santa Maria is the best among Paros beaches, because of the things that it offers to its visitors. Santa Maria is located only 6 km to the south of Naoussa, that is why it's one of the most crowded beaches in Paros during the summer months. Because of the beach size this is not an issue. You will definitely find a spot to lie! As it is on the west coast of Paros, Santa Maria is also popular among wind surfers, but as much as other Paros beaches. Santa Maria Paros can satisfy the needs of every visitor. You will find few well decorated beach bars there, which also rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Depending on each year policy of bar, in order to use sunbeds and umbrellas, you will have to order a drink or a snack. In some cases there is also a fee. There are days, during which the beach bars organize parties, usually starting before the sunset and lasting till morning.
There are also water sport centers, where you can either take lessons or rent the equipment of your favorite sport. The activities that you can participate in are: scuba diving, windsurfing, seayak and seabike.
Santa Maria consists of powdery golden sand and amazing, crystal clear water. You will enjoy your swim with the opposite island for a view.
If you decide to walk to the south crossing Santa Maria, you will be awarded with something rare. There are small sand hills there, and between them, the sea has formed small beaches. If you get lucky, you will have a beach to yourself. After spending your day in Santa Maria, you can visit Naoussa village for dinner and evening walk among the picturesque alleys. This will be a fantastic and memorable combination.
It's easy to reach this unique beach, as it's well connected with every part of Paros. You can use the traditional "ferry" boat from Naoussa called caique, which is time consuming but unforgettable. There are frequent bus schedules from Naoussa and Parikia that you can use or, if you have your own mean of transport, there is a large parking space near the beach. (find on map)

Golden Beach

Golden beach Paros


Golden Beach is also the famous one among Paros beaches. Its name comes from the golden powdery sand. Located 15 km from Naoussa village and 19 km from the capital of Paros, Parikia, at southeastern coast of Paros, Golden Beach is very popular among wind surfers and kite surfers. It hosts The World Windsurfing Cup during the summer months. The wind conditions are perfect for those extreme water sports because of the tube effect created by Paros and the opposite Naxos mountains.
As Paros Golden Beach is considered as a place to be in the summer, it has all the necessary infrastructure to welcome visitors from all over the island. Sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bars and water sport centers will make your time at the beach pleasant, fun and comfortable.
Golden beach is also suitable for families, as there are quiet spots where your children can play in the sand and swim in the crystal clear water.
You can get to golden beach by using the local bus line from Naoussa or Parikia. If you have your own vehicle, parking will not be an issue. There is a large parking plot few meters from the beach. (find on map) 

Monastiri Beach 

Monastiri beach paros


Monasti is one of the most beautiful Paros beaches. Therefore it is on our list with Paros best beaches. It's located in Naoussa Bay 8 km away from Naoussa village and 13 km away from Parikia, the capital of Paros. The location of Monastiri beach is unique. On the nortwest entrance of the bay, there is a small cape, Paros Park, and all its area is protected. You will find Monastiri beach right at the start of cape area.
The beach was named Monastiri (monastiri = monastery) because of the monastery of St. John Detis, located just before it.
The area of Monastiri beach is quite impressive. It's located in a small bay surrounded by impressive steep rock cliffs. The terrain of the beach consists of thick sand. The water here is crystal clear and shines, giving you the impression that there are diamonds on the bottom of the sea.
You can visit it with your children, as it is safe for them. The water is getting deep very gradually and there are no waves here, because the beach is well protected in the small bay.
Monastiri beach is organized and there are sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as beach bar. Because of its small size, it can get crowded, especially during the high season months. If you will not find an umbrella, you can you the trees for protection from the sun. There is also a water sport center, offering few extreme choices in case you get bored.
If you have a mask and flippers, you should take them with you, as the rocks in both sides of the beach offer interesting underwater environment.
There are two ways to get to Monastiri beach. Using the road that performs semicircle of Naoussa Bay and passing Kolymbithres beach or by boat, from Naoussa village. The second way is more exciting because you will be on a traditional fishing boat called caique, modified to transport the visitors of Paros.
There are few taverns on the main road near the beach, just above Kolymbithres. You can enjoy your lunch with Naoussa Bay for a view. (find on map) 

Piperi Beach


Piperi is considered as the main beach of Naoussa village and due to the landscape and location, as one of Paros best beaches. It's located few hundred meters away to the west from the picturesque port. Piperi beach is a great choice for a quick splash, if you are staying in Naoussa or just visiting it. You will see that the local residents of the village are doing the same thing. The beach consists of sand and pebbles. There are some umbrellas and sunbeds on Piperi, but be aware that because there are many hotels in the area, it can get crowded really fast during the high season months. As there are some rock formations on both sides of the beach, you can use your mask to explore the underwater environment.
During the days with strong northern winds, the beach will be affected by waves. That is why you might consider another beach with more calm water.
If you visit Piperi from other village, you can walk to Naoussa village after your bath in crystal clear water, and explore its alleys and restaurants. (find on map)

Molos Beach

Molos beach paros


One of Paros best beaches, yet undiscovered by many, Molos is located in a beautiful secluded area of the island. Located in a large bay at the west coast of Paros, 18 km away from Parikia, the capital of the island, and 14 km away from Naoussa, Molos beach should be on your list, if you are looking for quiet time on the beach. The entire area surrounding Molos beach is protected by the European Law Natura 2000.
The beach itself, is well protected from northerly winds in a huge bay. It consists of sand with pebbles and it's totally unspoiled. The only thing you will find on Molos beach is a small water sport center, where you can take windsurfing lessons or rent the equipment.
Molos beach is never getting crowded because of its size. As one of the biggest Paros beaches, it can welcome many visitors from around the island. Molos beach Paros is not popular among visitors of the island and young local residents, because it's quiet and relaxing. It offers family moments as it is safe for children to play in the sand and in the water.
On the south part of Molos bay, there is St. Nicholas chapel, where you can light up a candle. On the same spot there is a small port, if you can call it that, for small fishing boats. This spot, along with St. Nicholas chapel, is good place to take memorable photos.
While you are swimming the island that you will see on the east is Naxos. South of Molos beach, you will see a cone shaped hill, with a chapel on the summit. This is the famous Kefalos hill and the chapel was named St. Antonios. It's worth to mention, that you can get to St. Antonios by car or by foot, if you are in position for walking uphill and downhill. The chapel is open to visitors through the day. From the top of Kefalos, you will have 360 degrees view. You will see Naoussa bay in the north, Piso Livadi in the south and as far as Koufonisia.
Near Molos beach there is Kalogeros beach, where you can find mud that works like nature's spa.
At the south part of Molos there is a tavern serving local dishes.
To get to Molos you can use the local bus from Naoussa, but you will have to walk about 10 minutes from the bus stop.
For accommodation in Molos beach, you can choose Anemones Studios. (find on map)

Kalogeros Beach

Paros beaches, Kalogeros

Also on our list with Paros best beaches, Kalogeros is a beach with few elements that distinguish it from other Paros beaches. It's located right next to Molos bay on the eastern coast of Paros. The distance of Kalogeros from the main villages of Paros, 17 km from Parikia and 12 km from Naoussa, makes it very quiet as it hasn't got many visitors.
Kalogeros uniqueness comes from the special mud that you can find there. It's known for its therapeutically abilities for skin conditions. Therefore don't hesitate to put some of it on you, before putting the sunscreen.
The beach is secluded with no infrastructure whatsoever. Therefore if you decide to visit it, you should have all the necessary things with you, like water and snacks. If you have your own beach umbrella, you should take it with you. The water is crystal clear and the sand of the beach is thick.
There is a nice traditional tavern nearby.
Kalogeros beach (Kalogeros = monk), took its name from a monk that, according to local tale, took its life by jumping from the cliffs of the beach.
To get there, you will use a dirt road that starts from the south end of Molos bay, just few meters long and there is a sign. If you don't have your own mean of transport, the bus station is about 1 km away, but it's worth walking as you can visit two beaches, Kalogeros and Molos. (find on map)

Marcello Beach

Marcello beach paros (1)

Marcello Beach in Paros is located in Parikia Bay, 3 km away from the island capital. It's amazing and it definitely earn its spot as one of the Paros best beaches. There are three ways to reach Marcello Beach. First of all, you can use your own mean of transport by following the road leading north from Livadia beach. You can also reach it on foot, following the trail that start at the north end of Livadia beach or you can choose the more exciting way and take one of the small fishing boats from Parikia, specially adjust for transporting people.
Marcello Beach, as one of the best Paros beaches, is crowded during summer months. It attracts usually younger people, both Paros visitors and local inhabitants. It consists of yellowish sand and amazing, crustal clear water. It's very well organized. There are beach bars playing music and offering sunbeds and umbrellas. There is also a beach volley court where you can enjoy this sport with friends or other people on the beach.
While you swimming or enjoying sunbathing, you will have Parikia village for a view, along with the mountains surrounding it and ships entering the main port of Paros.
Marcello is the right next to Krios beach, and in fact both beaches share the same beach line. If you like to find more quiet spot on Marcello, there are few small sandy beaches at the west end of the coast, just a couple of meters long. (find on map)

Pounda Beach

pounda beach paros

Punda Beach is one of the popular Paros beaches. But you might get confused. Punda Beach is located at the east coast of Paros but there is also an area with the same name at the west coast of Paros (west Punda), from where small ferries departing for Antiparos. Punda Beach is located 15 km away from Naoussa village and 17 km away from Parikia, the capital of Paros. The beach is sandy and the water touching it is crystal clear. Although it's not as big as other beaches on east coast of Paros, it's popular because of its beach bar. There are all day party organized there, crowded usually with youth, that last till late evening hours.
On the beach there are umbrellas and sunbeds. You should take into your consideration that because of the beach size, it's not easy to find unoccupied sunbed, when the beach is crowded. In case if you get tired from the loud music coming from the beach bar, there are many beaches nearby. It's easy to get to them, especially if you have a means of transport. To get to Pound Beach, you can use the local bus line from Naoussa and Parikia. (find on map)

 Livadia Beach

Livadia beach paros (1)

Livadia Paros is considered as the main beach of the island capital Parikia. It's usually crowded, especially in the spots where the sunbeds and umbrellas are, during the high season period. Because of its length, that exceeds 1 km, you will definitely find a suitable spot. There are many trees offering natural shade, so not finding umbrella will not be much of an issue.
As Livadia is practically a part of Parikia, the beach is visited by everyone who lives in the capital of Paros. Tourists like it because it offers all the comforts of modern beach, and local inhabitants prefer it for a quick swim after work.
If you are a water sport enthusiast, this is the place to be, especially if your accommodation is in Parikia. Water sport centers in Livadia, offer a variety of activities. There is also beach volley court, so if you are visiting Paros with friends, you can enjoy few moments of friendly competition.
The strong wind forming big waves is not a problem here. Livadia beach is located in Parikia Bay and the biggest waves that you will encounter will be formed by the arriving ferries. Calm water along with sandy beach make this beach suitable for children.
It's worth to mention, that from Livadia beach you will experience an amazing sunset view. You can enjoy lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants on the beach or explore other options in Parikia. (find on map)

Krios Beach

Krios Beach Paros 

Krios beach is a popular one, especially among tourists and residents of Parikia. That is because Krios beach is located just 3 km away from the capital of Paros. It shares the same beach line with Marcello, also popular among Paros beaches.
Located in Parikia Bay, Krios beach water is almost always calm, without waves. Because of its position, you will enjoy swimming and relaxing with Parikia for a view. Its powdery sand attracts mainly young people not only from Parikia, but also from distant areas of Paros.
On Krios beach you will find sunbeds, umbrellas, beach volley court (not during every season, but most of the times it's there) and beach bar, offering drinks and snacks.
Krios is quieter than its "twin brother" Marcello beach. But because of their close distance from each other, you can easily choose which suites you more.
To reach Krios beach you can use the road starting from Livadia beach, if you have your own mean of transport. If not, you can get there by small boat from Parikia port. There also is a trail starting from the north end of Livadia towards Krios beach. (find on map)

Parasporos Beach

Parasporos beach Paros 

Parasporos beach is located on the northeast coast of Paros. As it is near Parikia, just 3 km away, it's a good choice if you are staying in the capital of our island and wish to get to a beach fast Parasporos beach consists of sand pebbles and larger stones. It's quite popular among Paros beaches because of its close distance from the capital of the island. Although it's not that well organized, you will find sunbeds and umbrellas there. You should know that during the days with high winds, there will be waves on Parasporos. In this case, choose the north part of the beach. The surrounding area of Parasporos is secluded, without many buildings nearby. But there is a tavern where you can have lunch. The water is crystal clear and the sunset view from the beach is amazing. Other beach in the area nearby that you can visit, is called Delfini, located just 800m away. You can reach Parasporos beach by bus from Parikia and if you have your own mean of transport, there is a free parking available. (find on map)

Logaras Beach

Logaras beach Paros 

Logaras beach is quite popular among Paros beaches because of its beauty and location. This sandy and quiet beach is very near to Piso Livadi village, just few hundred meters away. This fantastic area on the east coast of Paros, 12 km from Naoussa village and 17 km from the capital Parikia, is a place where you can spend all day. Logaras beach consists of thick golden sand and crystal green waters. You will find sunbeds and umbrellas, occupying half of the beach. If you will not find a free one, you can lie under one of the trees that provide natural shade.
During the summer days, when strong northerly wind occurs, you will be well protected in Logaras. The beach is inside a bay and there is also small port of Piso Livadi protecting it from the waves. Therefore you can enjoy your swimming and sunbathing with the opposite Naxos island for a view.
The developed infrastructure of Logaras area, makes it a small tourism resort. But you should know that it's a quiet place, which keep its traditional appearance. There are many taverns and restaurants in the are as well as cafes. You will find few of them on the beach but most of them are in Piso Livadi. You can enjoy delicious seafood and fish there, caught by local fishermen on the same day.
You can reach Logaras using the bus from Naoussa, disembarking on Piso Livadi stop or Logaras stop. (find on map)

Loloantonis Beach

Lolantonis beach paros 

Lolantonis is a distant beach from the main settlements of Parikia and Naoussa. It's located in south Paros, 23 km away from the island capital and 20 km away from Naoussa.
Lolantonis is not popular among Paros beaches. Because of its location, Lolantonis is usually not on the visiting list that tourists make before arriving in Paros. On the contrary, this quiet and relaxing place, is very popular among local inhabitants of the area.
It's interesting that this quiet place took its name from a traditional tavern located just above the beach.
Lolantonis beach is not organized and therefore, there are no umbrellas or sunbeds. As on many Paros beaches, you can use the trees for protection, and of course the sunscreen. You should have a a lot of water with you and some snacks. As there are two taverns nearby, you can stop there and try some traditional dishes for lunch or dinner.
Lolantonis beach consists of sand and few big pebbles. The water here is also crystal clear and it has greenish color. It's facing south, so during the summer windy days, there will be no waves on the beach. Combining this fact, with the serenity that the area offers, Lolantonis is suitable for family moments. During the days with good visibility, you will be able to see as far as Ios island.
To reach Lolantonis you can take advantage of the local bus services. Just 2 km away from the beach, there is Drios village, offering more restaurants, taverns and few cafes. (find on map)

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