Piso Aliki Beach Paros

Piso Aliki Beach

Piso Aliki beach Paros is a long beach near Aliki village. You can probably understand from where the beach name came from. Piso Aliki beach Paros is located just few hundred meters from the main pavement of the village. To get there, follow the pavement to the south and after the left turn the beach will appear before you. If you use a car to reach Piso Aliki beach Paros, you should know that there is a free open space parking area.
The beach is not organized, so you will not find sunbeds or umbrellas. You should take some snacks and water with you, although there is a tavern on the beach where you can by some necessary things. There are trees on the beach that provide natural shade. Use them to protect yourself from the summer sun.
The terrain of Piso Aliki beach Paros consists of sand and pebbles. During the days with southern wings, there will be waves on the beach. If the wind direction is from the north, Piso Aliki will be a pleasant place for swimming.
If you don't have your own mean of transport and you wish to visit Piso Aliki, you can take the bus from Parikia, which is 13 km away. Disembark in Aliki village and continue by foot, it's really close.

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